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Manny Blair, born in 1971 in Blackpool, UK, embarked on an artistic journey enriched by a childhood surrounded by literature, fostering an early appreciation for creativity. His pivotal art education began at Blackpool & the Fylde College, where instructor Norman Travis inspired him to broaden his artistic perspectives. This exploration led him to the Cyprus College of Art, marking his first gallery exhibition and exposure to Euan Uglow's work. Blair's pursuit of art continued at the University of Sunderland, studying alongside Richard Billingham and furthering his studies through an exchange program at East Carolina University, NC.

Upon returning to the UK, Blair delved into Landscape Architecture at Manchester Metropolitan University, followed by a Master’s in Public Art under Jason Minsky's mentorship, which refined his professional and artistic discipline. In 2008, Blair's journey took him to Calgary, Canada, where he became a significant figure in the local art scene, co-founding Art Calgary. His commitment to the arts led to Canadian citizenship in 2014 and continued artistic endeavors in Nova Scotia. By 2022, his contributions were recognized with a position on the National Gallery of Canada's Board of Trustees.

Blair's influences range from art legends like Francisco Goya and Francis Bacon to architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Erno Goldfinger, showcasing his diverse inspiration sources and rich artistic lineage.

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