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"Abstract Brutalism" embodies my artistic exploration, inspired by the visionary New Babylon project by Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuys and the concept of Homo Ludens. This journey began in 2008, merging architectural and artistic realms to envision a society transformed by leisure and technological progress. New Babylon's radical structures and utopian ideals challenge traditional aesthetics, offering a blend of dystopian and utopian visions that captivate and inspire.

My fascination lies in the imposing, threatening energy of brutalist architecture—its monumental presence and aura of detachment fuel my creative process. Employing a mix of additive and reductive techniques, I layer colours only to reveal them again, mimicking the textured, vibrant essence of concrete giants. This method, rooted in the discipline of three-dimensional thinking, aims to capture the dynamic vibrancy of brutalist forms on a two-dimensional plane.

The titles of my works, inspired by Joy Division lyrics, serve as an sonic companion of the visual narrative, adding layers of unease and isolation. This choice enriches the exploration of architectural vastness and emotional depth, inviting viewers into a world where art, architecture, and music intersect. "Abstract Brutalism" is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a multifaceted journey through the landscapes of humanity's future, architectural majesty, and the personal resonance of space and form


Manny Blair's pixelated dowel portraits merge traditional craftsmanship with digital aesthetics, reflecting his personal battles with PTSD and ADHD. These artworks explore the fusion of tangible materials and digital concepts, challenging the norms of portraiture.

Blair's method of transforming coloured wooden dowels into intricate, pixelated portraits encourages viewers to discover the detailed complexity hidden within. This process and the resulting artworks delve into themes of identity and the digital saturation of our era, inviting contemplation on how we perceive ourselves and others.

Blair's work, emblematic of his journey and resilience, invites a reassessment of the boundaries between the real and the virtual, urging a dialogue on the evolving nature of art and representation. His voice in the art world is not just one of creative innovation but also a testament to overcoming personal challenges, making his work resonate on multiple levels.

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